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The Flats and Handwashing Challenge starts on May 23rd and ends on May 30th. For this week, those who join the challenge can only use flat fold diapers, no more then 5 covers, and hand prep and wash these diapers for the entire week. We cannot use diaper sprayers, washers, or dryers. The purpose of this challenge is to show parents that any one, in any circumstance, can cloth diaper their babies for about the cost of a case, or a months worth of disposable diapers. I am joining… will you?

As you all know by now, I am joining the Flats and Handwashing Challenge. I just received a HUGE package from Green Mountain Diapers, that included everything one would need to cloth diaper a baby from newborn to toddlerhood. Except smaller covers for a newborn but there are covers out there that are adjustable for newborn through toddler sizes! It included 12 flat fold unbleached diapers, four different covers, pins, a snappi, and instructions for care and washing and prepping the diapers. It also came with two great DVD’s that have nothing to do with cloth diapering but our family loved. The package cost $83 but has more covers then one would really need since they can be wiped out and reused or quickly hand washed in the kitchen sink and hung to dry to be used again for the next diaper change. You could take about $15 off that price by leaving out one cover! A case of disposable diapers cost about $40 or more and last less then one month. So for the price of two months worth of disposable diapers you can buy three or four years worth of cloth!

Today I get the great joy of prepping those diapers.. as soon as Hubs hangs my line we bought yesterday. One 60 foot length of clothesline was less then $3 and I found a package of wooden clothespins at our $1 store for a buck. I am using The Peaceful Housewife’s laundry soap for prepping and washing during the challenge. You can get a 20 load bag for $3 or less if you purchase the scent of the month! The scents are amazing and it cleans the diapers super well! It is so far my favorite diaper detergent, and works great on other clothing too! She also has an awesome blog! So for $7 I have everything I need for taking care of my diapers without a washing machine or dryer.

So today I will be boiling my flats to get out all the natural oils, so they will be absorbent and soft. This is how you prep your flats without a washing machine. If you have a washer, you simply wash your diapers on hot with a tiny bit of cloth safe detergent such as The Peaceful Housewife’s or Rockin Green Diaper Detergent several times, drying in between.

And there you have it!

Be Blessed…



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