Our Misadventures?

Clown, Upset because he was too sick to hunt for eggs

When I started this blog, it seemed that my kids were having almost daily Misadventures. Thus the name of the blog. Funny, since starting it, nothing incredible has happened! Isn’t that how it always is? I remember when Clown was so often in the emergency room that when a house for rent came open across the street from the hospital we jumped at the chance to live there. In the three years we were there he only went to the hospital once!

That time was funny though. In one week, he fell off the roof of our house, out of a huge tree, and off our fence, without getting hurt at all! Not even a scratch! All in like two days time! About three days later, I asked him to set the table for dinner. He stood up on a chair, and suddenly decided it would be fun to jump over the back of that chair. As he fell to the floor I heard a “CRACK!” and I knew, he had just broken something. A trip across the street confirmed that he had broken his wrist. I still laugh today, this kid can fall off of house roofs, out of trees, but he breaks his first bone setting the table for dinner!

Another time he was riding his bike and a little dog chased him. He tried to kick at the dog, sending his bike over a low wall. He tore his ACL! After weeks of physical therapy (at 7:00 AM in the morning!) and fighting constantly to keep him from doing something (like jump, kick a ball, ride a bike, be a kid) to hurt his knee worse, he finally got the all clear, but will spend his life being careful of that knee to avoid retearing it. According to his doctor he is most likely the youngest person ever to have that injury! In fact in physical therapy they had a heck of time finding equipment small enough for him and often had to create something from scratch!

It seemed that his little brother, Little Man, would follow in his footsteps. A few days after getting his “big boy” bike and he tried to ride down our neighbors VERY steep driveway and into the road. Something they all knew I would literally kill them if I found out they were doing! But he had to try! Here is the result:

See that smile? That, “that was actually fun and I did something my big brother is scared to do”, smile? UGH!!

Luckily we moved from that house soon after, so there were no, “I am going to try that again and win” days!

But the last 8 months have been quiet. No major injuries. No major Misadventures.

Well, we did buy a huge suburban, that needed to have a seat installed, only to have it installed (permanently) in the wrong place, so it’s unusable, and then have the transmission go out, so we can’t drive it. Now it just sits in our parking space being used only when I need to charge my phone because the car charger is the only one I can find. Hubs calls it our $3,000 phone charger!

Oh, and yesterday Juice Box was sitting at the table having an entire conversation with himself, brothers and sisters all around him. All of a sudden, he shouts out, “Then the little green man went TOTALLY Ballistic!!”

Putters at about the same time was dancing around the kitchen when she notices me watching her. She points to herself and says “Me too cute!”

That’s my life.

Be Blessed…


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