Bambo Nature Eco Friendly Disposable Diaper WINNERS!


Wow that was really hard to choose! All your comments on diapers were GREAT! But I had to chose and so I did! The Grand Prize Winner were chosen by their comments and Runner Ups were chosen by!

Here are the 3 Runner Up Winners, You will each receive a package of Bambo Nature Disposable Diapers in your choice of size!!

First Runner Up Winner Is: Cali Number 11!!
“I follow via gfc and I use cloth diapers and I look for a good fit in a good diaper. after almost a year of using my cloth diapers, I think I should strip them, but I wasn’t sure what I was going to use during this process, so these diapers would be a great alternative during this time. I also use disposables with newborns…because frankly I am tired and not doing laundry during this time…and since I am now expecting my second child. I’ve been trying to find a diaper that I could use during the first couple weeks, without making me feel completely guilty about using a disposable.”

Second Runner Up Winner Is: Mama Chocolate Number 22!
“I’m a public GFC follower, and one of the things I look for in disposables (for those times when they come in handy!) is no stinky chemicals! I can’t believe how much more a disposable stinks than a cloth diaper, just because of the nasty chemicals.”

The first thing I noticed about the Bambo Nature Diapers, when I opened them, was that there was literally NO smell!! No chemical smell, nothing! I was amazed just by that! The last package of disposables I bought, the smell made my stomach turn it was so strong! :O)

Third Runner Up Winner Is: Jenilee Number 25!!
“I look for absorbency and safety in a diaper. After years of ignorance, I have learned that all diapers are NOT equal. I love Bambo Nature. :)”

Now for the GRAND PRIZE WINNERS!! You will both receive a CASE of Bamboo Nature Disposable Diapers in your choice of size.

First Grand Prize Winner Is: TubbyTelly Number 13!!
I look for diapers that have the least amount of chemicals because I have an allergy-laden/sensitive-skinned baby. I only use the “environmental” chlorine-free diapers. I think Bambo Nature would be a great allergy-free alternative to use.

Second Grand Prize Winner Is: Slang76 Number 42!!
My daughter has to wear disposables to daycare…and I would LOVE to find one that doesn’t give her a rash AND is better for the environment AND doesn’t send her poo into her socks đŸ™‚

Because we all need diapers that don’t send poo into our babies socks!! That is one of the things every one of us looks for in a good diaper!! You will find what you are looking for in these diapers! I have not had a single leak or rash and they are much better for the environment then any other disposable you will find!

Congratulations to ALL the winners! Thank you everyone for your great comments! I wish you had all won! Thank you Bambo Nature for the great giveaway! I will be emailing the winners shortly, and you will have 48 hours to respond to claim your prize before I pick a new winner!

Be Blessed…


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