Cloth Diaper Hints and Tips…


Here are a few things to help you with your cloth diaper journey.

1. Sun your diapers. If your diapers stain, and nothing seems to be working to get the stain out, hang them outside. Even in the rain, actually especially in the rain. Clouds magnify UV rays, and so when it’s cloudy the sun will work even harder to get your diapers nice and shiny white again! If you don’t want to hang your diapers out in the rain, you can hang them in a sunny window, or even place on the dashboard of your car!

2. Use vinegar in the last rinse cycle for those diapers that just are not as soft as they should be. Some detergents, even cloth safe ones, can be harsh on the fibers of your diapers, causing them to be brittle and tough. A little vinegar, about half a cup or so, in the final rinse cycle can work wonders! If you hang your diapers to dry and that is why they are rough, try throwing them in the dryer with a damp towel after they hang dry for about ten minutes or so.

3. Have velcro, or “hook and loop” diapers? Tired of spending hours pulling the lint out? Try it when they are wet, between changing them from washer to dryer or hanging line. The lint comes off so much easier, and all together! I just discovered this one myself, on accident!

4. Always do a COLD rinse on your diapers before washing in hot! This will help keep them from staining! If they are super dirty, let them soak for half and hour or so before you wash them. Then do a HOT wash with no more then 1 TBS of detergent, and follow with TWO COLD rinses! Always use a cloth diaper approved detergent!

Hope this helps someone out there!!

Be Blessed…


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