The Flats And Handwashing Challenge… Day 4


The Flats and Handwashing Challenge starts on May 23rd and ends on May 30th. For this week, those who join the challenge can only use flat fold diapers, no more then 5 covers, and hand prep and wash these diapers for the entire week. We cannot use diaper sprayers, washers, or dryers. The purpose of this challenge is to show parents that any one, in any circumstance, can cloth diaper their babies for about the cost of a case, or a months worth, of disposable diapers. In a baby’s first year, new parents will have brought home an average of 2,788 diapers for a total cost of $557.60 *based on an average price of 20 cents per disposable diaper. I am joining… will you?

Today is Day 4 of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge! It’s going good. I have a schedule going, get up, feed kids, make coffee, while the kids eat, wash diapers. Go hang them up. Right before dinner go pull them down. They are dry LONG before dinner, but this allows them to sun and get nice and white again!

This morning I had to give them a second rinse, just cause Putter’s gave out some nasty black inky poo yesterday. It just took two rinses for the water to get clear. It’s also raining today. I have them hanging up under the over hang to dry, so they will probably take a little longer to dry today. I put the two that were stained up out in the rain though. Clouds magnify the UV rays, so even though it’s raining the sun will still do it’s job and sun bleach the stains out. We seemed to have doubled our diapers yesterday though. I don’t remember changing Putter’s that often, but the bucket was FULL this morning. Maybe that is why they seemed a little harder to clean!

Rolling the edges in keeps your diapers from leaking!

I would say to that it would be worth it to take your diapers to a friends or spend a few bucks at the laundry one a week or every other week. Just to be sure they are getting a good wash now and then. You would still save WAY more then you would buying disposables! Though the diapers feel and smell clean, I know I would just feel better if they were getting a machine wash now and then!

I also tried a flour sack towel this morning on Putters. It worked just as well as the other flats. It is surprisingly absorbent for being so thin! And it rinsed clean super easy! I can’t believe that I could of bought an entire diaper stash for $20! I SO wish I had known about these a long time ago! Add a couple of $5-6 fleece covers, a snappi or some pins, and you have a complete stash for less then $40. I tried to take a picture of the flour sack towel on her but the camera battery is dead.. so tomorrow!

I have learned that folds work better on different kinds of flats. For the Green Mountain Flats a kite fold works best, while a origami fold works better on the receiving blankets and the flats from Aliyah’s Hope Chest. A diaper bag fold works best on the bamboo fleece flats, because they are stretchy! So if one fold doesn’t work for you, don’t give up, try another! I also discovered that the snappi doesn’t work as well with flannel. I have to use the pins with the receiving blankets and the Aliyah’s Hope Chest Flats. I can make the snappi work, but I don’t want to chance it coming off!

A receiving blanket in a diaper bag fold with a pin. It’s flannel and the snappi just wouldn’t “grab” it!

I have also found that flats take just as much time to fold and pin as it takes to snap on an all in one or a pocket diaper. They are also easier to wash, and take way less time to dry. My diaper stash may be seriously downsizing after this Challenge! I think maybe our Grandma’s KNEW what they were doing way back then!

Lessons from day 4:
1. Different folds work on different material or different sized flats.. if one fold doesn’t work, don’t give up, try another!
2. Some material doesn’t work with a snappi.. make sure you have a pin or two just in case!
3. I could of bought an entire diaper stash for less then $40!! UGH!!
4. Flats are just as easy, if not easier then all in ones, or pocket diapers! Why do they get a bad rap? With a cute cover, these are (in my opinion) just as good as a $20-$30 brand name diaper!

Be Blessed…


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