I Think Someone IS Trying To Tell Me Something…


Until recently, I would of told you I am a pretty good housewife. The dishes are done pretty regularly, the house is, though not perfectly clean, a lot cleaner then some I have seen. Meals are on the table pretty close to meal time, and they are 99% of the time healthy, well balanced meals. The laundry gets done regularly, though it will occasionally (OK, quite often!) sit on the couch for a day or two before it gets folded. School work gets done somewhat on time each day.

Then I won the book The Ministry Of Motherhood By Sally Clarkson. And THEN I was sent the book Large Family Logistics to review from Vision Forum. I stumbled upon a blog named Girls Gone Wise. Which incidentally was hacked into right after I discovered it! So WHY have I been getting all these books sent to me for review, or won on different blogs about how to be a homemaker, or stumbled upon while searching for something entirely different?? What am I not hearing?

Maybe that being a homemaker isn’t just about those things? Maybe that there is a lot more to home making then making a home? Not making any sense? Well, I have been reading more and more that a home is much more then clean sheets, and a hot meal. While those things ARE important, there are other things that are just as important. Like… the way I greet Hubs when he comes home and I have been fighting with a child to get Math homework done. Or the snide way I talk to my son when he grates on my last nerve. Or the way I serve that hot meal, when I am tired and one of the kids say, THIS AGAIN?!! Not threatening to toss my kid in public school because we are working on the same math problem for the last 4 hours! I have learned that my attitude is just as an important part of homemaking as cooking and cleaning.

I have been learning that the way I dress is also an important part of life as a homemaker. Sweat pants and tank tops do not glorify God or my Hubs. HUH? 1 Timothy 2:9 says “She adorns herself with respectable (Or “becoming” in some translations) apparel, with modesty and self-control.” Our clothing should be “becoming” which means fitting or appropriate. Modest, which can mean many different things. For me no cleavage, no thighs, no bellys showing. Self Controlled… I do not NEED an entire closest stuffed with clothing I will never wear. I should have a simple wardrope of items that are becoming, well fitted, and modest.

While there are times that sweatpants and a tank top are perfectly appropriate (That monthly visit for example) they should not become every day attire. Our attire should be “becoming” to our surroundings, the occasion, our husband, our Lord. For more on these thoughts visit the Girls Gone Wise Blog.

My point today is that I don’t want my daughters to grow up thinking that housewives live frumpy disappointing depressed lives. I want them to see that you can stay home all day with your kids and still look presentable and HAPPY! Does this mean I spend HOURS in front of the mirror primping every day? Nope. But I do slip on jeans instead of sweats, and a cute blouse or top rather then a stained up tank top. I brush my hair and teeth before coming out into the living room. I spray on a little scent. I am not focused on how I look, or vain about it. But I am a child of God and I should dress like it so I feel like it. I have discovered since then that when I take the few extra seconds, that I FEEL better about myself. Amazing huh?
I have learned… and am learning, since I am not even through the first chapter of either of those books yet, that there is MUCH more to home making them making a home. What are your thoughts?

Be Blessed…


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  1. Wow, I'm loving this post!!!! How very true and very convicting of how we present ourselves and how we respond to our family in any given situation. I do not have the good fortune of being able to stay at home but I still find myself sometimes just throwing on “whatever” and sticking my hair up in a ponytail and my husband will often make comments like “why don't you hear your hair down” or “I really like that purple dress you have” to which I usually just roll my eyes and gaff. God is trying to tell ME something through you 🙂 I may just have to pick up the books and check out the blog you mentioned! Thanks so much for sharing what The Lord has put on your heart!