Saturday Mornings Frugal Moments #2


I drive 30 miles one way twice a month to grocery shop. We have two grocery stores here in town, so why do I spend the gas money to do that? Especially now, when it is almost $5 a gallon!

Well.. 30 miles away is a Dollar Tree Dollar Store AND a Grocery Outlet! Right next to each other!! There is also a Fred Meyer grocery store that has a large section of organic bulk foods too. This is where I get my kids candy and my organic sugar, flour, beans and rice etc. At the dollar store I pick up things like greeting cards for 50 cents, shampoo, conditioner or body wash for a $1, dog toys for $1, dishes for $1, and even school supplies for $1! In fact last month, I got shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, and toothbrushes for Hubs and I, a new coffee cup for me, some cool chopsticks, a toy for each of the 2 children I had with me, brand name toilet cleaner and a 24 pack of pencils and spent $10.

To make cheap shampoo work like a wonder, add 1 TBS of baking soda to 1 TBS of shampoo. I usually buy the coconut scented White Rain Shampoo for $1. Wash like usual. You may not even need conditioner, I usually don’t. Before I started this, my hair was always so tangled, I HATED brushing it, and usually just stuck it in a ponytail and didn’t bother.. now, I can easily brush my hair at any time. It works WAY better then normal shampoo and conditioner. Also use cheap conditioner rather then shaving cream to shave your legs.. it works beautifully and you won’t need lotion when your done!

I then headed over to Grocery Outlet, and got a HUGE bottle of unscented, and dye free kids shampoo for less then $2, and a 20 count pack of hair ties for us girls, for 50 cents. They also have an aisle of all organic foods, where I usually pick up cereal, snacks, and chicken and beef broth for half the price of a regular grocery store. Sometimes I get lucky and they will have name brand coffee for half price, or gallons of organic orange juice for $2. They almost always have chicken and ground beef and shrimp for cheaper then the grocery store too! Usually they carry dairy items like organic sour cream, or coffee creamer for half price. I don’t usually buy milk there, though it is cheaper, we buy organic milk and they don’t usually carry it. But they carry items like name brand dog food, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins etc for less then the grocery store and I can almost always find frozen organic fruits and veggies there. A 16 oz bag of wild blueberries is $2!

So for this frugal moment, I want to say, use your local discount stores… even if you have to go out of your way to do it!

Be Blessed… Be Frugal…


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