The Flats And Handwashing Challenge… Day 5


The Flats and Handwashing Challenge starts on May 23rd and ends on May 30th. For this week, those who join the challenge can only use flat fold diapers, no more then 5 covers, and hand prep and wash these diapers for the entire week. We cannot use diaper sprayers, washers, or dryers. The purpose of this challenge is to show parents that any one, in any circumstance, can cloth diaper their babies for about the cost of a case, or a months worth, of disposable diapers. In a baby’s first year, new parents will have brought home an average of 2,788 diapers for a total cost of $557.60 *based on an average price of 20 cents per disposable diaper. I am joining… will you?

Today is Day 5 of the Great Flats and Handwashing Challenge… and it was an off day for me! We got up early, changed Putters and sent all the kids to my moms for the day. Why?? I drove Hubs two hours to meet a friend, and Hubs is now going to be gone for 2-4 weeks. I am single parenting it for a while! He is over in the Rogue Valley looking for work. He will be working part time for an old friend of ours earning the money for us to move over there, hopefully in about 2 1/2 weeks from now while looking for something full time! This is going to be HARD!! Please keep us in your prayers!

Last night, I prefolded several of the flats in a kite fold for my mom, just to make it easier on her. The large wet bag I left my mom is full, so she obviously was able to change Putter’s several times. She did say as she dropped her off that she wasn’t sure her diaper was on correctly, but she hadn’t leaked yet, so she must be doing something right! I think even for parents who put their kids in day care this IS possible! If your day care provider does not know how to fold the diapers, simply prefold them and place them in a plastic shopping bag to keep them folded. Then all the day care provider or baby sitter has to do it pull them out carefully without unfolding them and snappi or pin them on!

Flour sack towel, folded in a kite fold.

I did not get any diapers washed today, yet. I am thinking I will try to get them washed after dinner, so I have diapers for tomorrow, but I am not sure how they will dry overnight. It is raining here. Yesterday the diapers hung outside all day under the awning, and they were still wet last night after the kids went to bed. This apartment is small and 9 people live here, so there isn’t really a lot of room to hang a line indoors. But I may try it after the kids are all in bed. Hopefully my brother won’t freak out when he discovers diapers hanging in his living room! LOL…

Side view of the flour sack towel.

Yesterday I used all 5 of the flour sack towels my mom bought me. They worked great! I do not know yet how they wash. We will find out tomorrow! Putters did poo on 3 of them, so we will see if they stain, or wash clean. I was also thinking that I would start filling up the bucket with cold water and about 1/2 tsp of The Peaceful Housewife’s Laundry Detergent, after the kids are in bed, and placing the bucket in the shower to soak overnight. Maybe that will help with the staining problems I am having. Or Putter’s could just stop pooping. That would help too! Not likely though! I did find that I had to rinse a few of her diapers out in the sink yesterday. The toilet was just not doing the job. I think the diapers will get much cleaner and not stain as much, now that I am rinsing them better to start with! Remember… the bathroom sink IS washable! You can use it!

I have some old friends coming to visit tomorrow. It is not only Memorial Day Weekend here, it is also Azalea Festival Weekend in a nearby town, and there will be a parade and more. My friends (my two best friends growing up got married and have 4 kids, about the same ages as mine and we haven’t seen each other for about 4 years now!) are coming to participate in that festival, so I am hoping the weather will cooperate and we can go down for the parade and all the fun! So if we get to, I will be posting tomorrow about how well flats hold up to a busy festival!

Day 5 Lessons:
1. If leaving your flat diapered baby in someone else’s care, prefold the diapers to help out!
2. Try other things if your line drying isn’t working. I have heard of people ironing them dry, or even drying them in their oven! That sounds a little scary, but it must work!
3. I am really tired.. so I really don’t know what three is…
4. If swishing diapers in the toilet doesn’t quite work.. use the bathroom sink. It’s washable!

Be Blessed…


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