The Flats And Handwashing Challenge… Day 7


The Flats and Handwashing Challenge starts on May 23rd and ends on May 30th. For this week, those who join the challenge can only use flat fold diapers, no more then 5 covers, and hand prep and wash these diapers for the entire week. We cannot use diaper sprayers, washers, or dryers. The purpose of this challenge is to show parents that any one, in any circumstance, can cloth diaper their babies for about the cost of a case, or a months worth, of disposable diapers. In a baby’s first year, new parents will have brought home an average of 2,788 diapers for a total cost of $557.60 *based on an average price of 20 cents per disposable diaper. I am joining… will you?

Today was Day 7 of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge… I MADE IT… and guess what?? SO DID YOU!! WAHOO!!!

Putter’s is in bed with her last diaper of the challenge on… again the Green Scene Diaper bamboo fleece pad folded into a kite folded Green Mountian Diaper birdseye cotton flat. That just seems to be the best bet for us at night. It has not leaked once, in fact the outside is barely damp in the morning, that is how absorbent it is! The bucket is full of diapers soaking in the shower.. tomorrow morning I will give them their last camp wash. I may keep washing them this way though.. it certainly took all the arm flab away!

We spent the day getting ready for church that we never made it too, then a few hours at the beach with friends, then home for a nap, and then our friends came here for while. It was a great LOOOONGGG day! Putters, Little Mama and Clown made new friends. In fact while they left Putters stood at the door screaming, My friend, my friend, my friend… Her and her little friend had great fun trading pacifiers and sippy cups, chasing each other around the living room giggling and playing dress up.  We did have one leak.. a pretty nasty poo diaper that I just did not get the diaper on tight enough to hold in.. it was my fault it leaked. I was in a hurry. That is why the diapers are soaking over night..

So now that this challenge is over, I wonder. IF you were starting over, or just starting a diaper stash, would you seriously consider using flats? I know that I would. In fact, I am seriously thinking of packing up all my other diapers except a special few, storing them and just using flats until we are potty training full time. I really can’t figure out why people don’t like them? They are easy to use, easy to wash, quick to dry and easy to replace. If you have to have the cuteness factor go with printed flats or cute covers.

SO that is my last day.. I hope you all enjoyed this challenge, that you learned a little along with me and that you can now be willing to give it a try if you already haven’t.

Be Blessed..


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I am a SAHM of 6 kids, and I homeschool, cloth diaper, wear my toddler, used to breastfeed, cook from scratch, not so crunchy mama. Hubs is a chef, and loves to cook. We go to church when we can, and I love to learn new things about how to be a better wife and mother.

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  1. Thanks so much for chronicling your adventure! I'm pretty much sold on flats now! But that is all I've known. Actually, I think I might have used prefolds before… but I think that name is stupid. They just have more padding in the middle, they aren't REALLY pre-folded.

    THAT is how I should describe my flats. They're the size / shape of prefolds… but with no extra fabric!