Sailor Toddler?


WHAT do you do with a toddler that swears like a sailor, or the local motorcycle gang??? I mean seriously.. It doesn’t matter how many times I try to correct her speech, almost every other word sounds like something I should be washing her mouth out for! Her pacifier is her plug but SHE pronounces it with a F, ends it with ck, and drops the l… then she just LOVES to tell people to sit, but she adds an h after the s…

Let me tell you… It’s VERY embarrassing when your almost two year old drops her “plug” in the grocery store, then starts SCREAMING at the top of her lungs MY F*** because Mommy can’t find where it went!!

SO what do you do?? I laughed, mumbled something to the lady behind me about “the things they teach toddlers now days!”  Frantically searched for the spare buried in my purse, plopped it in her mouth without even bothering to clean it off, and practically ran out of that aisle with my face on fire!! I now make sure I have an extra in my pocket within easy reach if we are going to be out in public and we are working on her only having it for naps and bedtime or if she gets hurt! I still am not sure what to do about her commanding everyone she meets to take a poop…

Be Blessed…




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  1. WOW! Sorry I had to chuckle a bit 🙂 My 2 year old does the same thing with certain words (which we now try avoid using). We try and use a synonym instead. If she says something that sounds a bit inappropriate I usually just repeat what she said (pronounced correctly of course and usually with a bit of emphasis on the mispronounced word). It has gotten much better recently (she will be 3 in Aug).

  2. My problem is that almost everytime she says it, I have a VERY hard time not laughing!! Which just encourages her of course! LOL I know they are not good words but to have a not even two yr old saying them, when no one else does it’s almost hilarious… :O)

  3. My son would say the f word for truck. When we were in public I would just say loudly, yes that’s a TRUCK. People would just luagh but at least they knew the word he was trying to say.

  4. I also have a 2 year old… that had speech training with a pirate… soooo
    we changed the plug to binkie… she loves the word… sounds cute I think.
    and we started saying take a chair… sounds strange to us.. but she stopped saying take a s*it……. I think this is common for little dears to do. My daughter also would say I piss you…. meaning I miss you when you would come back home… took me a while to figure out… I thought for a short while she was mad I did not take her with me when I went out. lol. Before we know it these so tiny of thinks that feel so large will be gone forever… funny enough enjoy them while they are here… she like mine and all of her toddler pirate followers are innocent… just trying to master one of the hardest feats there is… a new language in a 2 to 3 years.
    I am mom to 5 beautiful gifts.
    Bless yours,