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I was going to write a post today about Pampers new ploy to get us to buy their disposable diapers. I thought it funny that I opened my email to find this post from Dirty Diaper Laundry called, You Can’t Polish A Turd.  Before I tell you what they are up to now let me tell you that my baby WAS one of those that received a HORRIBLE chemical burn when Pampers came out with their Dry Max Diapers. You can’t tell me it was just a bad diaper rash! We bought our last package when Putters was about 4 1/2 months old, while I was waiting for my ordered cloth diapers to come in the mail. I already had a few but not enough to make it through a day. I was using disposables only at night, while I washed the 5 cloth diapers that I had already.

I was done with disposables already, just because I wanted to save money on cloth. I was about to get another lesson on why cloth is SO much better. Within an hour of using one her bottom had broken out in HUGE bubbles that turned into painful open sores that bled. It took me upwards of two weeks and a lot of tears to get rid of it. The Dr. diagnosed it as a yeast infection, and wrote up a prescription for some medication our health insurance wouldn’t cover, and we couldn’t afford! I spent hours making and researching homemade remedies, that didn’t work, because it WASN’T a yeast infection.  So Pampers and I already have a hate/hate relationship. I wish I had known then what I know now~ I would of taken pictures and kept receipts and all that and sued their sorry rich butts.

Pampers just came out with new printed disposable diapers, still using the Dry Max because the CPSC decided to end their investigation of them. Apparently they changed something in them though because they no longer cause burns that I have heard of? Pampers are also now trying to sell their disposables in countries like Nigeria where the average family makes $5 a week, as something they just have to have to make life easier. AND they are advertising their “Cute” little diapers in an ad showing them on a clothesline looking like cloth! Which brings me around to the reason hundreds of cloth diapering parents just went through a week of using only flat diapers and handwashing them! Because parent who can’t afford to buy these garbage disposables in the first place, are washing them, drying and reusing them! Disposable diapers should NEVER been seen, or even thought of being seen, hanging on a clothesline. I don’t care how cute it makes them look.

Funny how all the prints look a lot like a cloth diaper brand we all know and love.. *bumGenius*

All this just makes Pampers that much lower on my poop list.

What do YOU think of Pampers new ploys?



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  1. totally agree with you. They are trying to make their diapers look natural and homemade by adding prints and using a clothes line. The prints I’m sure are just adding more chemical crap to the diapers.

    • Probably! The whole thing makes me sick.. even the smell of disposables now turns my stomach when I smell them!! YUCK! And to think that Pampers is now directing thier sales towards family that make $5 or less a week to live on.. disgusting.. they don’t care about anything but making money!!

  2. I was so disgusted when I opened my mailbox the other day and found this advertisement in there. I used disposable diapers with my two sons but when my daughter was born she developed a horrible rash (while still at the hospital) that quickly turned into a cracked bleeding mess 😦 After a multitude of doctors visits, expensive creams and trying EVERY disposable known to man nothing was helping her. After a month of torture our pediatrician suggested trying cloth diapers to see if that was the root of all of our woes. My husband and I both work full time in urban ministry so I needed diapers that would be easy for my retired aunt to use since she watches our children for us. I was having sticker shock at some of the prices of cloth diapers online. I thought my only option was “old school” and I was picturing diaper pins, plastic pants and messy leaks but was desperate and willing to give anything a try. A friend of mine had recently started using cloth so I went to her house for a tutorial 🙂 I was amazed at how easy using cloth could be and I was blessed when she gave me a gDiaper starter kit. Within 24 hours my daughter’s rash was significantly better and within 3 days you could hardly tell that there had ever been a rash. We have been an exclusively cloth family for 16 months now and I love it so much that I even started using cloth on our middle son. I don’t have a very large stash of cloth; about 15 os pockets for the two children, but I am so very thankful for those 15 diapers 🙂 I work with many families that live in poverty and they often run out of money and cannot pay for diapers. You would be shocked and horrified to know some of the extremes these mothers go to in order to have SOMETHING covering their child’s bottom. I have shared cloth diapering with any of the families that I work with. Many of then are interested but it is still such a difference than what they have always known so they are skeptical to try but I’m not giving up 🙂 Shame on pampers for being misleading and for misleading low income families into thinking this is a good option for their family.


    • I agree Laura! I have to tell you I love my pockets, but with the recent Flats challenge, I found that I actually like flats (Old School!) much better! They are so much easier to wash, and take care of, and really don’t take any longer to fold and snappi on then a pocket does once you get the hang of it. :o)
      A good option for parents that have that initial sticker shock are flour sack towels.. I was able to get them for about $1 each, and they work just as well as the other flats I tried. :o) Maybe having a few packages on hand for the parents you are talking to, along with a quality wipe out cover, would be a good way to convince them! I know I would of been convinced LONG ago if someone had shown me way back when how easy and cheap it could be! Keep up the good work!