Government Assistance, More Kids When We Have So Many And More..


In my last post I told you all that the breastfeeding journey with Putter’s has come to an end. Along with wearing her in a Moby wrap, as she just no longer likes to be that snug, she enjoys her freedom to move about and it seems that the cloth diaper adventure is coming to a close soon too, as she want’s to potty train, and she would now prefer to sleep with Sissy then Mommy! My breastfed, mommy worn, co-sleeping, cloth diapered baby is growing up. I hope, in the future,  I will get the chance to have another crack at it all.  It just seems weird that I would learn all these great things about breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, and more for just this one baby! But mention this to certain people and they panic… like you just told them you were gonna go jump off a cliff! I just read this post over at The Joyful Chaos, and loved it!

God is in control of our lives, and even that area is His and only  His, and always will be.

It always amazes me that the same people that have the biggest problem with our having so many kids are the same people that are always telling us that God is in control, to trust Him. Then they turn and tell us that yes, God is in control but that is why He gave us a will, so we could make our own decisions about this area of our lives… but ultimately He is in control.. talk about contradictions! Are we not supposed to turn our wills over to God? To allow Him full control of us… for our will to become His will?  So how do we that, but then keep part of our will to ourselves at the same time? It really makes no sense to me…

Or that God knows what He doing… but you really should stop breastfeeding that baby.. she is way to old for that.. give her cows milk. Wait.. if we were supposed to drink cow’s milk as babies, wouldn’t that be what came out to begin with? Some studies show that it is isn’t even good for adults, let alone children and can cause all sorts of health problems, because it just isn’t meant to be drank by humans! Then I hear, after a year give her 2% cow’s milk.. cause that whole milk stuff just isn’t good for them you know… really? So why doesn’t it come out of the cow, that God made with no mistakes, watered down like that? Since its so much better for us that way? And we really should feed them margarine.. it’s so much better for them them real butter… made with real milk.  Did you know that margarine has the same chemical make-up as plastic?? YUCK! And only egg whites, because the yolk isn’t healthy. But studies show that the yolk is a perfect first food for babies… high in protein and other necessary ingredients, it’s the whites that most egg allergic people are allergic to..

And my all time favorite, that this mother seems to be getting a lot of also… You must be on government assistance to afford all those kids… actually YES we are receiving food stamps. And yes we did have a problem with it to, to begin with. Then God brought to our attention that He uses ALL things for His glory. Conversations with our workers have been amazing as we explain how blessed we are. Yes, us, with no income, living in a home not ours, needing food stamps to feed ourselves, and more clothes then we know what to with are blessed. Why? Because we have 6 kids, we are all clothed, fed, and housed. And none of it by our own doing… God has worked out every detail, and taken care of every need and shown us that He cares more for us than the sparrow in the air.

But, let me add,  if our government would get it together and make some good paying jobs available for my husband to work at, instead of shipping our economy to third world countries and get our economy back the way it should be so that American people can afford to eat, then we wouldn’t need to be on assistance! If they would stop taking 1/3 of his paycheck every pay day we could afford food. Yes, we do get most of it back. But it all goes right back into clothes and food for these precious blessings that we would of been able to buy to begin with rather then using assistance, had they not taken it to begin with! And I am sorry… no matter how well you plan, you simply can  not stock up on fresh fruits and veggies once a year… we kind of HAVE to buy those monthly.

Can you tell that reading that post kinda set me off??  Anyway, I am off to make my 7 kids a fat filled breakfast of whole eggs, buttered toast and whole milk… all bought with food stamps… 🙂

Be Blessed…



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I am a SAHM of 6 kids, and I homeschool, cloth diaper, wear my toddler, used to breastfeed, cook from scratch, not so crunchy mama. Hubs is a chef, and loves to cook. We go to church when we can, and I love to learn new things about how to be a better wife and mother.

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  1. My mother has told me I need to stop having children because I just can’t afford them. My boyfriend won’t because of the same reason. I too am on government assistance and I do have what’s call HUD to keep my apartment. Yes, I stay home with my kids and my boyfriend works. I didn’t want it this way. I’d rather be able to support ourselves, but everything you have mentioned and Suzanne said are all the same things I feel. Why do I have to bend to anyone else’s will but Gods? And if he so chooses to bless me with more babies- I am all for it.

    God gave us the ability to produce milk because it’s what we are supposed to do! We could breastfeed longer if we were taught how to do it and if we just understood more. I want my daughter to grow up and understand it’s ok to cuddle your baby, co-sleep, breast feed, and have a natural birth. You don’t need to shove your child away, let them cry out their fears, formula feed and have a C-section (unless of course it’s life or death but not having a doctor push you into it). People are so concerned with what society wants of us. And I blame WWII. Because if it weren’t for that- we women would still know how to cook, clean, sew, give birth naturally, wear our babies, garden, and act like the lady we were supposed to be to begin with.

    I hope I don’t offend you with any of this. I only have 2 kids and I’m being told by my mom to cut and burn my tubes so I can’t have anymore babies. NO. I refuse. I want more babies. I need to have another girl to name after my sister-if i’m 40 and still don’t have another girl i’m adopting dang it ><'''' Anyway….

    I want to be this natural momma and love my babies with everything I am and be the parent I was meant to be. But when I try, I feel like I'm getting 'those' looks. And I don't want that….

  2. Its so funny I was one of those, “your breastfeeding and carrying a 2 yr old, weird” people. But when I was send my second child, God definitely gave me him for a reason. He has a rare genetic disorder where he can’t process protein and never will always be on a restictive diet. I was still determined to nurse and he body did wonderful with it. So I became the mom saying, “I will nurse until kindergarden if he wants, mind your business. ” My son can’t eat cake on his birthday or have a happy meal, but if he wants boobies, I wil not deny him. He is my cuddle bug to and he loves ridding in the ergo, if I want to carry his 30lb body around its my business.

    I’m learning that its not always as it looks. People parent different due to circumstances, experiences and of cours the best they can give their kids. In the end we all want our kids to be healthy, successful, happy adults and we all are doing the best we can. God has shown me to stop judging as well as helped me find my true inner strength managing my son needs. I feel blessed in my life even though it migh not be perfect.