Saturday Morning Frugal Moments # 3


Today I want to remind you that one of the easiest ways to save money is to use  household items you already own to clean not only your house, but YOU! That is right.. baking soda and vinegar for YOU! What?! No way, that is just to strange… yea, I thought so too once. And refused to try it, til one day we lived WAY out somewhere, the kids had poured out my shampoo and I was dying for a shower. No way was I driving 30 minutes one way with 6 kids just to get a bottle of shampoo! So I got out the baking soda. Guess what?! My hair was SQUEAKY clean. Seriously.. it actually squeaked.

So HOW do you do this? Well, to start, I put some baking soda in an old yogurt container and took it in the shower with me. I got my hair dripping wet, scooped out some soda with my hand and massaged it into my hair. I heard that it also made a great facial scrub, so I tried that too. I rinsed it out well. Word to the wise.. DON’T get any in your  mouth! YUCK! But with ONE wash (my super thick hair always takes at least two with shampoo!) my hair was squeaking! My hair also brushed out super easy, with almost no tangles. I didn’t even use conditioner! It usually takes me half an hours to brush the tangles out of my hair after a shower. And my face was baby soft.

Since then I have perfected this a little bit. I really missed the suds and pretty smell from shampoos  but when I used them I missed that super clean, tangle free feeling from the baking soda. SO I mix them! I buy cheap, nice smelling shampoo from the dollar store. My favorite is the coconut White Rain shampoo. I recently found the shampoo, conditioner and body wash all at the dollar store. I love tropical smells so it was perfect. I scoop out some baking soda, then pour about a teaspoon of shampoo on top of it, and wash my wet hair with it. No need to condition it. That is for something else!

Baking soda can also be used to scrub toilets, counters, floors, and bathtubs that need a little help with stuck on particles or junk. Vinegar can be used to disinfect. Yes, it stinks, but the smell will be gone in minutes. It also gets mirrors squeaky, streak free clean! Used as a conditioner for your hair, you mix with equal amounts of water and pour over soda washed hair. It makes your hair super shiny and cuts grease for those of us that have problems with greasy hair.

And for that other purpose for conditioner.. I use it as shaving cream. For $1 I get a bottle that lasts me about a month. I get my legs wet, slather on some conditioner, shave them with a HOT wet razor, and dry them off. No need for lotion!  It also conditions your razor and keeps it sharp longer. Dry your razor after use to keep it from rusting and chipping, which not only gives you a bad shave can seriously cut you!

And that is my Frugal Moment today! Enjoy!


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