Green Bumkin Winner!!


Sorry it’s been so long everyone!! Life has been insanely crazy with moving and painting and all that! I am now back at the beach packing and cleaning and renting a u haul while Hubs works back in the Valley. I am going to attempt to pack and clean and get out of here by Saturday. There is still some painting etc that needs to be done in the new home but almost 3 weeks away from my other 4 kids is driving me crazy enough to think that I will be able to finish all that with them all there! :O) This should be interesting… I will most likely  be painted etc late at night while Putter’s sleeps… Haha.

And now that I have a little time I am picking a LONG overdue winner of the Green Bumkin Crayon Roll… Congrats # 2 Linda!! I will be emailing you soon and you will have 48 hours to respond to claim your prize! If you do not respond a new winner will be picked.. :O)

Thanks everyone else for playing, and Green Bumkin for your awesome review item  and giveaway… it’s a daily favorite at our house now.. I will be needing a couple more for birthday gifts in the coming months as all my kids want their own! :O) AND I am very sorry I am so behind in everything! Thanks everyone for all your understanding, encouragements, and love!! It really means a lot!


i like green bumkin on fb.

Be Blessed…



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