Elysium Custom Trainer ***LIVE*** Giveaway WINNER!!


Wow that was  A LOT of fun packed into a small amount of time!! LOL… 699 comments/entries in 24 hours!! You gals are great!! This is so far the most entered giveaway I have done! YAY!


Random.org picked out of those 699 entries number 428! Congratulations Kiyomi Dickinson!!

Kiyomi said:

I have a nearly 4 month old (nearly 19lbs) and an almost 3 year old (last check 27 lbs, she will probably be weighed today at the appt. so we will see). She loves her brother and keeps getting mad at me for not letting her play with him right now.

Thanks for participating everyone, and for making this such an awesome giveaway! I had a ton of fun! I didn’t get to read ALL the comments, but I read alot, and I will make sure I go finish when we get settled and internet going!

Thank you too Elysium for sponsoring!! What fun! I hope you enjoyed it!

Be Blessed…Happy 4th Of July, because I probably won’t be back on before then!!





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