What I Have Learned About Cloth Diapers….


I am always asked WHY I cloth diaper… That is an easy question to answer. It’s cheaper, better for my baby, and a heck of a lot cuter! But as Putter’s just turned two I realized I have been cloth diapering exclusively for 18 months now! That got me to thinking of things I have learned on my cloth diapering journey. From what diapers I like the most, to which I like the least. To which ones have lasted while others did not. So I thought I would share a little of what I have learned with you today.

As we approach November, when my grand daughter is due to arrive, I have been thinking of which diapers I will  be able to pass along to her. There are some I have had from day one, and others that were tossed in the garbage after just a few months use.  Kushies were the first cloth diapers we used. And after just a couple months use, they were starting to wear out. Also the insert pockets were extremely difficult to get clean.  Unfortunately the other ones I have from day one are no longer being made except for the occasional special request order…. My sister in law over at What Mama Wants made them for me from some old flannel receiving blankets when Putter’s was just 5 months old.  I still use those diapers almost every day! The velcro closure on the ones that velcro are still super strong, and all the snaps still work and are still attached. I will also be able to pass along my Nifty Nappy fitted, and wool cover, which both still look brand new! Again though, Vilate is no longer making and selling diapers!

My Nifty Nappy Fitted and Wrap

I have found this to not be common though. While I don’t want to knock WAHM made diapers, I just haven’t found them all to last long enough to be used for more then one child. Not all of them at least! In other wahm made fitted  diapers I have, the snaps have stopped snapping or the velcro no longer holds the diaper shut! The fabrics are wearing out, and they look very old, and run down. So I have learned that, if you expect to be able to use your diapers for more then one baby, go for the gold, and buy the name brand diapers. I especially love my Doopsy SD, but I wonder if it would fit a larger baby? Putter’s is about 26 lbs and it’s snug on her now. And at the moment I am fighting a buildup of something on it that is making is repel liquid… not good. But not the diapers fault! I didn’t realize our new dryer had a dryer bar in it and washed the diaper four times before I noticed they smelled like dryer sheets! (Summer allergies attack in more ways then one!)

Doopsy and the bear...

I have found that fleece covers are just as good as wool and much cheaper. Plus you have a much larger choice of fabric print! They are also MUCH easier to care for! Wool isn’t hard, it just takes a little time.

I do have to say, I would not trade my Nifty Nappy wool cover for anything! I have been given or reviewed other wool covers and they just don’t hold a candle to Nifty Nappy’s because for the price, you can use it from newborn to toddler and through potty training! Wool covers do not need to be changed with every diaper change. You only need two or three to go with your diaper stash. If they get wet, you simply air dry them and the wool fibers themselves sanitize the cover! To clean them you just need a little baby shampoo and some lanolin, and a bucket with a lid.

My other favorite WAHM diaper is the  Cow Patties Cloth Diaper Famous Pocket Fitted. When I first received this diaper, and saw the long thin insert that you are supposed to fold and stuff it with, I though yea right! I don’t think they know what a super soaker baby does at night?! But it has not failed me once! In fact most mornings she wakes up and the outside of the fitted is dry to the touch while the inside is completely soaked! While I did have to re-sew the pocket opening once, the rest of the diaper is still in like new conditioning, and will definitely be passed on!

My favorite one size fits all diaper would have to be the Envibum. With it’s stretchable sides it truly fits any baby from newborn through potty training! And it’s fuzzy… and cute.Absorbent. Easy to use. (I will be having the velcro removed and some snaps added though before passing it on…) I love that they donate with every diaper sold…


I have also learned that newer is not always better… since participating in the Flats and Handwashing Challenge awhile ago I now reach for a flat before I grab a fitted or AIO.  It takes a few seconds to fold and snappi on, add a cute cover and we are good to go! I have Green Mountian Diapers, Green Scene Diapers and Aliyah’s Hope Chest Flats all in my flats pile. I also have several flour sack towels. I use them all, and love them all. If I am going to be out and about I will usually use a flour sack towel. Then if we have a really nasty diaper I can toss it away without feeling bad as they are only about $1 each at Wal-Mart or Target, and I don’t have a smelly diaper smoldering in my diaper bag in the summer heat!

I have learned that cloth diapering is really just as easy as disposables. You dump out or swish off the poo, toss them in a bucket, and every other day throw them in the wash where they get a cold rinse with no detergent, a hot wash with a little soap then two more cold rinses. That’s it. The only inconvenience is that the other laundry piles up on diaper washing day… but then it piles up every other day too.

And expensive diapers are not always better! For a fraction of the price you can get a high quality diaper from KaWaii, in super adorable prints. Just stick with snaps and not the velcro! I have found in most cases the velcro is the first thing to go out on my diapers… some only lasting a month or two before it falls off or just stops hooking.

What have you learned on your cloth diaper journey?



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