Cat vs. Dog


As some of you know, just before we moved, my oldest son became enamored with a tiny little kitten that took to suddenly following him around like a lost puppy. I wasn’t too sure of this budding relationship for a few reasons. One, this baby was a wild feral cat, and who knew what it was carrying besides fleas. Two, Hubs HATES cats.. with a passion!!! In our married life we have had a cat once… when our oldest daughter snuck one home from her aunt’s house, and he wasn’t too happy when that one had several kittens! I always thought it interesting that the self proclaimed cat hater, was the one that cried when the cat was run over! Hubs and I tend to look at pets with completely different views… he sees them as something that sucks life out of his paycheck… I see them as something that the kids learn from. They learn responsibility. They learn about life, and sadly death through them. They learn that animals have personalities, and can be cute as well as annoying.

So back to this tiny little lost kitten that seemed to suddenly think Knight was his bestest friend in the world! When I first told Hubs about this kitty (remember, he was three hours away at this time at our new house!) he said, NO, don’t do this!! No way!!  So I arranged other things for the kitty, so he would be safe and well fed. But apparently kitty was not happy with my arrangements.
This little darling that would ride around on the back of my son’s neck for hours, meow at the door when he needed to go, and barely made a peep, became a meowling, wild, poop all over terror that no one could get near! My son began telling his dad daily about cute things the kitty did while he had them, and it soon became apparent that he was just as lonely without the cat! So it was arranged to have the kitty brought here as a surprise, and Grandma and Grandpa soon showed up with it in their van.  After a trip to Wal-Mart for the necessary kitty add-ons, and a vet scheduling, and some paycheck life sucking, we have a new family member. Who, by the way,  within a day was back to his adorable self, using a litter box, and quietly going about his business.  His name is Furgal.

The dog, Mimi, is not too sure about this intruder. She seems to think it is a furry ball that should be moving at chasing speed and she really can not figure out WHY it won’t do this, but instead ignores her while cleaning his paws. Hours have been spent staring at the cat, who by the way,  sits and ignores her on the couch she is NOT allowed to be on. And who drinks out of her water bowl, and occasionally eats her dog food.

Even Hubs though has been known to hold and play with the kitty. He has quickly become a part of the family, and entertains, gives the kids something else to fight over, and keeps the dog occupied.

Be Blessed…



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