BioKleen Winner!

Standard  picked number 7 out of 37 entries….I had to choose a couple times, because A LOT of the entries did not include email addresses!! Leaving your email in EVERY comment is a requirement to qualify for giveaways! Sorry, if that is an inconvenience but it makes my job SO much easier!

Juice Box’s birthday was a blast… we discovered that I had forgotten the wrapping paper so all his presents came in a couple boxes, then we had cake and ice cream, and he had a lot of fun! We had my older brother’s two kids here as well as my younger brother and my mom.  This afternoon we had a visitor from Estonia who just would not believe that we were not Mormon :o)  And all in all it was a fun, good day!

Now on to the winner…Congratulations Nicolette!! I will be emailing you shortly and you will need to respond within 48 hours to claim your prize!!

Thanks everyone for participating, and thank you BioKleen for sponsoring this great review and giveaway!

Be Blessed…



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