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About 7 months ago I was introduced to Mama Cloth.. it just made sense to me. I use cloth diapers, why not cloth pads?  As I researched the disposable versions a little more I was appalled to learn several things about them. One being, that they contained the same chemicals as diapers that can cause uterine and cervical cancers. Another that the manufacturers actually place chemicals into them that cause your periods to be longer and more painful! Which of course benefits them! That makes you buy more product!

I was happy to make that change after finding out this information! And so begin my journey of finding that all-perfect mama cloth. And I have a couple favorites. I love the Elysium Mimzi Hugz. And I love the Little Bear Bums  mama cloth. There are a few I  have though, that every month get pushed a little further back into the drawer.

This is for different reasons. They don’t absorb enough, they don’t cover enough, they just are not comfortable… So I am now on the search for a few more brands of Mama cloth to add to my favorites, and I want to hear from you what your favorite is. Why do you use mama cloth? Do you find them easier or harder then disposables? Do people in your immediate family think  your wacky because you use them?

I have found through my use of mama cloth that my periods are  A LOT less painful. I wish I could say shorter, but because of the medical IUD I have in, my periods are ALL out of whack. But before I would go through half a bottle of Motrin at that time of the month and now I don’t use any! I love that I don’t suddenly have that Uh oh feeling, followed by the Uh Oh I forgot to buy! comment as I rush to the bathroom to stuff my panties with toilet paper before running to the store!

I love that they are really super easy to wash! I simply rinse them out with cold water to prevent staining and toss in the washer with a load of laundry or diapers. My diaper pail has a cup at the top where you put the diaper in and then turn the handle and the diaper falls into the pail. But the cloth diapers are too bulky and always get stuck so I rarely use it for diapers. Instead I turn the cup up and place my used cloth in there until I need to wash them. When I strip my diapers once a month I also toss in my pads. Just to make sure they are super clean and sanitized I rinse them after the monthly visit is over in a vinegar rinse in my washer, by adding a cup of vinegar to the final rinse cycle.  This may all seem like a lot of work, but it really takes just a few minutes. Much less time than a frantic trip to the store with 6 kids in tow!

When people ask about them (I have been known to leave them sitting on my couch after a washing, out in direct view of visitors, NOT on purpose!) I often reply with the fact that these are close to what women used before disposable pads were made.  I point out what I have learned about disposable pads, and how they harm our bodies. And quickly tell how easy they are to care for and wash. So far I haven’t had anyone decide to try them. Which to me is amazing! I mean how could someone continue to use something KNOWING that it could cause cancer, and that it does cause longer more painful periods?? It makes no sense.

I am glad though that I am now armed with this information and know enough about disposables to teach my daughters and even my sons about the greatness of cloth. Because I want my sons to know enough to be able to make wise decisions when they are husbands and fathers too.

I would really love to know what your thoughts are on Mama Cloth! Do you have a favorite? Never tried them? Have one you HATE?  Tell all your friends about them?

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  1. I’d like to get another cup like diva (my keeper went bye bye). I need to get some cloth liners & light pads too. Didn’t see much on the links you posted. I used to have a handful of things I liked, but don’t have anything anymore (was pregnant & still nursing). My most comfortable light pad was an hourglass shape with no snaps (but fit just right). Can’t remember name, but it was hemp on one side & fleece on the other side. Would forget it was there. Why is it that the only mama cloth that I see sold in local stores look like they’d bunch up or be uncomfortable in some way. Seems the SAHM ones are the best.

  2. I love my mama cloth. I’ve tried a few random brands through winning giveaways and purchasing on clearance. But my favorites are Talulah Bean & Pink Lemonade, minky-topped. 🙂

      • Wow, I can’t beleive you never heard of either of them!! When I first started looking into Mama cloth, they were the 2 big names that were always thrown out.
        You should definitely look into them. 🙂