Saturday Morning Frugal Moments #3


 Cheaper Ain’t Always Better!

Yes, I know ain’t isn’t a word…

Recently I have been reminded over and over again that cheaper just is not always better. After a trip to the grocery store where I purchased several packages of turkey, because it was cheaper then beef, and the brand I chose was even cheaper then the other ground turkey brand available, I discovered that it was tainted with salmonella. Which is an often deadly illness, especially in children. Although the website I found the info on stated that if cooked correctly even the tainted meat was edible, it was not a chance I wanted to take. And so $30 of ground turkey went in the garbage. I bought some other, un-recalled, turkey but even then my kids called my chili, the Tainted Turkey Chili! LOL I think from here on out, every time I make Turkey Chili I will call it Tainted Turkey Chili, just for fun! We WON’T have company on those nights!

I was also reminded of this, as we approach the “month of birthdays”! This month (August) we have two kids with birthdays, two grandpa’s with birthdays, a sister in law’s birthday and at least 4  nieces and nephew’s with birthdays! It’s a crazy month! While looking for presents, I was tempted to buy bags of cheap toys. The dollar store was calling my name! It would be so quick, so easy, so cheap! But I finally woke up and realized, that I would just be walking on those toys as they lay broken all over my house by the end of the day. Not to mention, by the time I fill a cart with cheap toys for everyone, I am actually spending as much money as ONE good toy would be!

So we went the route of bicycles and scooters. Juice Box got a heavy duty Jeep bike with trainers. It cost $60 but it will last FOREVER! This thing is SOLID… I worry that it will fall over on him and squish him! My Little Mama will be getting a pink scooter. She already has a bike that Daddy found on the side of the road with a FREE sign on it because it was missing a seat. The bike was almost brand new! We picked up a $10 seat at Wal-mart, and she loves it.

Cheaper is SOMETIMES better, especially if it’s FREE!

But EVERYONE around here has scooters… so now they all want scooters. We found the one she will get at Wal-Mart for $30.

Grandpa Chocolate will of course get chocolate.. shhhh don’t tell! And Grandpa Cool Cars will get something to do with.. you guess it… cool cars… I haven’t picked out nieces and nephew presents, and some of them read this blog, so I wouldn’t say what they were getting even if I had! And sis-in-law will get something pretty.

In the past few weeks I find myself again tempted by the dollar stores and all their Back To School supplies…. pencils and paper, and pens, and more for only a buck!! Yippee!! But then I think… last  year…. pencils that wouldn’t sharpen. Paper that was missing lines… pens whose ink leaked everywhere… sharpeners that wouldn’t sharpen… Cheaper just ain’t always better.

So don’t get caught up in trying to find the cheapest item you can find for the sake of frugality!! You just may wind up paying twice the price when you have to replace everything AFTER all the cool back to school sales are over!!

Be Blessed… Be Frugal… Be Wise…




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