The Day I Lost Three Kids….



Yesterday morning, the kids got up, ate breakfast, cleaned up, did chores. Then I sent Clown and Little Mama out to take the dog for a walk. About twenty minutes later, Clown runs in, says “the dog pulled Chloe over, and her face is all bloody. She’s down by the school!” And he ran out the door and was gone. I tossed Knight a clean towel said, “Run this to your sister, I will be there in a minute.” I tossed Putters in her stroller, shoes on the little boys, and took off out the door. We ran to the school. Got there and I realize I have NO idea where Little Mama is… I look all around the school yard, the field, nothing. So I think, maybe they went back home. Headed home the other direction. When I got there all the kids bikes etc are in the yard. NO kids…. they came home, I wasn’t there so they went looking for me! Dragging poor Little Mama along.

Almost 45 minutes after all this happened, the kids and I finally found each other! Poor Little Mama’s face was all mashed and swollen. The dog saw another dog, which usually while on a leash she doesn’t care about, and took off after it, pulling Little Mama down and hitting her face on the sidewalk curb full on.  She will be ok, thank God. Nothing broken, nothing seriously cut. There won’t be any scars. But that dog…. ….. …. first she tries to eat the cat and now this!

Mama will now be walking the dog… Mama doesn’t put up with getting pulled, or jerked… Mama was so mad that said dog got to spend the night outside… and may get to do it again. And the dog… she knows…. she knows she did something wrong. As soon as she saw me, her tail went down, she ducked, and slunk away. I still yelled BAD DOG at her, just to let her know that I knew… this morning, I looked out the window at her, and she tucked her tail and went to hide under the bush.

We spent the most of rest of the day all together, doing schoolwork on our King size bed. The computer is in mine and Hubs bedroom so with the free online program I found, the kids were taking turns on it all day anyway. I think Little Mama was more scared when she came home and couldn’t find me then anything else. I could of shot her brother, for not listening and staying there until I got there!!

Little Mama would not let me take pictures of her face. Which I can’t blame her, but goes to show the difference between her and her brothers. When they are injured I HAVE to take pictures LOL….

Then Hubs got off of work, and we left ALL the kids with big sister, for that  always practical practice for the soon to be mama… and went grocery shopping. I actually had over $80 left when I was done! I got two weeks of groceries and spent just over $200!!  That very RARELY happens! There are a few small items I forgot though, so that $80 will probably still get spent, since groceries here in town are almost three times what they are at the Winco, six miles away. We got home just in time for me to make dinner. Which was sticky sesame chicken (without the sesame, because someone ate them all), stir fried rice, and Asian salad, followed by Black Raspberry ice cream.  The kids watched Mars Needs Moms. I didn’t. So they will be watching it again sometime today.

So it was a very long day…. that started horribly but ended well.

And today.. is clean house day. We have overnight company coming this afternoon, and prepping for Little Mama’s 9th Birthday, which is Thursday, but we may celebrate it tonight, since the Grandma and the Grandpa will be here. She is getting a pink scooter, a pink sock monkey, a pink authentic 50’s poodle skirt (Thanks to Sarah’s Poodleskirts, review to come!) and Upside Down Pineapple Cupcakes!

Be Blessed…



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