5 R’s For A Godly Womanhood, A Gabby Mom’s Review!


Lorrie has done it again with her 5 R’s For Godly Womanhood bundle. She has made me think, pray and reevaluate the way I manage my home. I missed the first part of this series when we moved, but today I get to share with you the last three R’s.

This bundle includes 5 MP3s and 5 e-books and is available for $24.97 HERE at Eternal Encouragement.

The first two R’s were Refresh and Rekindle..  Refreshing yourself by spending time with your Lord, sitting at His feet and taking in all He offers. Rekindling the fire of your marriage.

Now we are on to the last three.. Refine, Rejuvenate and Rest. Who doesn’t want to be Refined, Rejuvenated and Rested?!

Lorries starts off

Refine “From Homekeeping 101 to Graduating With Honors.”

You know you are supposed to be a homemaker but how do you make dinner when the dishes are buried in dirty laundry? 

Does this sound like your home? It used to be mine, and on busy stressful days it still is. I have tried book after book on home and life management. Flylady and The Organizer Lady. They all help. They all have great ideas. But those ideas don’t do much if they don’t travel from your head to your heart.

Lorrie also includes what she calls

“Homekeeping Teachings.”

These are 7 Lessons on planning for the management of your home. Yes, PLANNING for it. They are easy, quick and will bless you and your entire family. You husband will begin to feel like he is the King of your castle. You will know what’s for dinner, every night this week. You will learn how to create a housekeeping schedule… and more!

Lorrie finishes off Refine with a lesson on how to Spring Clean Your Heart. Get rid of all the dust and junk, brought on by old thinking, old attitudes, and old hurts and start fresh and new.

Remember, if you make your Husband feel like he is the king of your castle, that makes you the Queen!

Rejuvenate “What To Do When Able Is Raising Cain.”

This session is all about child “training”.

There is a gold mine of helpful tips and information in this Session.

The main points Lorrie touches on are

• Be reasonable and fair in your requests.
• Say what you mean, and mean what you say.
• Be vigilant.
• Be just in your discipline. (An immediate, negative consequence is usually best).
• Be merciful in overlooking genuine accidents, as well as when you observe genuine repentance.
• Be consistent

I can’t wait to start applying these tips in my home!

And Finally we have Session 5,

Rest. “Give It Up And Get It All”.

To get rested, count your blessings instead of your problems. Leave your problems at the foot of the cross instead.

Lorrie shares that for tired moms and wives that feel like they just need a break, and a soak in a hot tub, to just “get away from it all” the easiest and best way for us to TRULY rest, is to turn our focus off ourselves and get our priorities straight.

Our priorities are to be:
• My husband
• My children
• My home
• My parents, in-laws, extended family, church, friends, and neighbors
• My outside ministries

While physical rest IS important and needed, spiritual rest is just as important. Lorrie tells us that the best way to rest ourselves spiritually is to bless others.  When we find our selves at the end of our rope, exhausted and our vessels empty Lorrie tells us to

R relax, recreation
E enjoy, external focus
S sit still at His feet and soak up His Word, sleep
T thankful for His blessings, tea or coffee

None of these require us to leave our home. We CAN rest in the presence of our loved ones.

Lorrie finishes this bundle with this gentle reminder:

When we are broken in spirit and our strength is spent, we can turn to our Father, Jesus and ask for his strength.

I know this was a super long post… but it was very hard to get ALL that in here! There is SO much help and tips and information in this bundle that I did not even come close to touching! If you feel like you need a rest, your marriage has lost it’s spark, you need help with your out of control kids.. this bundle is for you!

This bundle includes 5 MP3s and 5 e-books and is available for $24.97 HERE at Eternal Encouragement.

Be Blessed, Refined, Rejuvenated, and Rested…


I received a complimentary copy of the “5 R’s of Godly Womanhood” as part of The Gabby Moms in exchange for my honest review.


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