Venting… and some more…


Yesterday was a fun day. About Noon, I found out the local animal shelter was having vaccines and rabies clinics. $10 for shots!! Yippee.. except.. no vehicle.. SO I walked/ran all the way to Hubs work to grab his car, since I only had about an hour to do this. Grabbed the dog and cat, drove to the shelter. Fought with the large dog, that was excited and saw A LOT of other dogs. My arms feel like rubber today! She used to be SO good on a leash, in fact she was better behaved on a leash then off it, Now everytime we walk her or put a leash on her she goes nuts! But, the kitten has his first kitten shots, has been de-wormed, and has an appointment to go back next month for the second round of shots and rabies vaccine. The dog has her rabies vaccination, and I got all the info I need on licensing (she doesn’t need it until next month) and getting the kitten snip snipped. On the way home I noticed a large pile of stuff in a yard that said FREE on it. I scored a Lego table, some clothes, an almost brand new winter jacket for Putter’s and lots of fun toys, like wooden blocks, play cookware and more. AND… AND.. an entire box full of pre-fold diapers and covers. Seriously… all diaper service quality! All barely used!! For FREE!! YAY for FREE!!

But then… last night after dinner, I had to type up a bunch of stuff for hubs for work. So as soon as I was done eating, I spent almost three hours on the computer doing that for him. Since I was falling asleep at the computer by the time I was done with that, I never went back into the kitchen. We have leftovers for lunch three or four times a week, so last night I made a double batch of dinner, so there would be plenty for lunch today. I walk into the kitchen this morning. NONE of the chores are done… dirty dishes everywhere, food left out, counters and stove are filthy, dishwasher not started. SO this morning I got to throw away almost $20 worth of food, wash all the dishes I needed for breakfast by hand and clean up the entire kitchen just so I could make another meal… I am SO not a happy mama!

It is just so frustrating.. to have TWO other adults in the house, that couldn’t make sure the dinner chores got done correctly. AND they gave the kids ice cream!! FOR what?? Being cute? Not to mention that an almost 12 yr old, almost 11 year old and a 9 year old are MORE then capable of doing said chores WITHOUT being guided through them every night! THEN the 19 yr old tells me she didn’t wash the pots and pans because they are too hard! HUH? OK??… There was ONE skillet.. soak it in hot water for five minutes then wipe clean, dry… so hard. Of course now that it sat and dried and the food hardened all night, it will be hard.  This woman is about to become a mama, she better get used to hard. I think she thinks she is going to get to sit and read library books all day, and the baby will just take care of itself. Seriously.

I woke up in such a good mood too.

Hoping your having a better day then I am…



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