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My 3 oldest have been learning early American History. They were each supposed to write a mini report on their favorite things that they have learned. They were supposed to just write it on a piece of lined paper. Mostly just so I knew they were learning something haha… We do reports a few times a year, but I recently added mini reports as a way to gauge what was being learned. They don’t take long to do, can be fun, and really show if the kids are taking in their lessons. Clown took it above and beyond, typing it out, adding a picture and even adding where he found his information! I just had to share! (I bet the English are kicking themselves now for dismantling that ship!)


The Mayflower


“Clown” Barrett

August 23, 2011

The Mayflower left England September 6,1620 with 102 passengers and 25 to 30

crewmembers. It was headed for the mouth of the Hudson River but was knocked off

course and wound up in Cape Cod Bay instead around November,11, 1620.

The passengers and crew spent the winter in the Mayflower in Cape Cod Bay. In

March 1621 they moved ashore at Plymouth, Massachusetts.  In April, the Mayflower

returned to England, where is was dismantled for scrap in 1623 after it’s Captain,

Christopher Jones died.

The End

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