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Hi, I am Katie Barrett, and this is my blog.. The Misadventures Of A Family Of 8 .

I love to do reviews and giveaways and get the word out about the great products that my family and I fall in love with!

Here Is A Little Bit About My Family:
My husband Michael and I have 6 kids together. He also has one adult child from his previous marriage, who is living with us again and expecting our first grandchild at the end of this year. I joke that at 31 I will be the world’s youngest grandma, but I am very excited about it! We have four boys and two girls, and their ages range from 11, to ages 10, 9, 7, 6, and a potty-training 2 year old.  We have a dog, a cat and  I also do daycare.

How We Can Benefit Your Company And Advertising:

We are a family with many interests and activities due to our many children and their ages.
We love to try new products and we love to tell others about products that work or are helpful.
We are honest and reliable.

My blog does not focus on only one thing. We have a lot of interests. Several of my children have sensitivities to artificial ingredients such as food coloring and artificial preservatives, which has required me to learn to cook most of our foods from scratch. We home school our children. I breastfeed and wear my baby. We use cloth diapers and accessories.

Our blog content is family friendly. I post about many different things from informational to what is going on in our family. Readers can come to this blog to learn about a new product,  how it can be useful to them and how a family not to different from theirs has put it to use or enjoyed it. They can come to get a laugh, learn how to wash cloth diapers, or cook a meal that doesn’t come in a box.

To sponsor a review/giveaway on my blog you would send me a item to use, test and review (which I take seriously! This is not giving away free products, I spend HOURS on my testing and review writing!) Then within 2-4 weeks I write a review, adding a giveaway if you choose, that is completely honest and all my own. I will also include any special information you want me to add, such as specials, sales, info about you and your business, etc. It’s like advertisement for the price of a product that goes directly to over 400 followers in-boxes! You can’t beat that!

I have an active Facebook fan page and Twitter account in addition to my blog. I use both of these social networking sites for my review and giveaway posts.

Let me know if you are interested in sponsoring! I would love to work with you!

Contact me at:

Katie Barrett

The Misadventures Of A Family Of 8

When someone asks, “Are they all yours?”  I love to reply, no, I stole them from someone when I was shopping. :o)

I am soon to be a first time Grandmother!! And I am so excited!! So excited I am devoting an entire month on my blog to New Moms! I want to fill the month of October with the things a new mom needs to be a first time cloth diapering, breast feeding, baby carrying, co sleeping Mama. If you make or sell something that a New Mom MUST have to co-sleep, cloth diaper, breastfeed, or baby wear, then this Bash is for you! Please send me an email for more information!