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Country Kids Training Pants Review and Giveaway! CLOSED!!


Country Kids sent me a set of training pants to review, one night time pant and one day time pant. They are really adorable. They are VERY absorbent in case of accidents.

I have to be honest though, because I have always promised to be! I found them to be a little difficult for my 2 yr old to pull up and down, and she has reached that stage where she must do it herself, they are also somewhat bulky and they take awhile to dry. I do wish that both pairs came with side snaps to make the night time trainer easier to take off when there is an accident.

I have to add though that the small problems I have with them are WAY outweighed by the good!

Because… Putter’s LOVES them, and always asks for them to be put on. And I can’t blame her, because for all my thoughts on them, good or bad, she is the one wearing them, and they ARE super soft and comfy and “too toot.” In her words. And these reviews can’t always be about what I think, especially when I am not the one actually using the product! At times I wish she could type, then she could share what she feels about something!

Here they are…

Lisa at country kids has this to say about her life:

“I am a stay at home mom to three beautiful children. I love to craft and sew and garden. We live on a small farm in western Wisconsin. In addition to raising babies, we raise beef and lamb and have too many pets including chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, goats, horses, mules, rabbits, and a couple of crazy cats.

I learned to sew as a child and started sewing again why my first child was born. One day I stumbled across an article on cloth diapering and making cloth diapers and trainers became an obsession!”

Wow, and I thought having just a dog to care for took a lot of time! I don’t know where she finds the time to sew and craft and her blog is a treasure trove of laughter and cute stories as well as great crafting ideas and more for those of you who do those things! These trainers are superbly made, the seams are very strong, and I have not found any dropped stitches. The snaps on the day time trainer are very strong and don’t pop open like other snaps I have had do! These are great trainers for beginning potty trainers because they will hold as much as a diaper in the case of accidents, or oops I completely forgot to take my child potty times! I do wish I had ordered the next size up so they will fit longer! They are great for going out and about when you may not be able to get to a restroom in time because they really do hold as much as a cloth diaper!

Lisa has also wonderfully offered a reader the chance to win an adorable daytime trainer, and she is offering FREE shipping for the rest of July on any orders over $25 to anyone who let’s her know I referred them to her site!


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We are finally back online after I had to cancel two appointments with the cable company to have cable and internet installed. That 4 hour time frame they give you as to when they just may be by to turn your cable on, is just the pits. But they arrived yesterday, when I finally knew I would be home for the afternoon, and after a little over half an hour I had cable and internet!

I am still trying to figure out why it took three cable guys to install it though. One never came in, he was outside the whole time, talking on his phone on the lawn, another sat in the living room, checking EVERY single channel while flirting with my 19 yr old, while the first guy that arrived went to work, was very polite and professional, even telling the second guy to lower his voice, there was a baby sleeping! Maybe he was overwhelmed by kids crawling out of the woodwork and called in reinforcements or something?!

Anyways, I know you have been waiting to  hear who won while I was away!

The winner of the Kona’s Creation’s adorable little gecko is Tasha Haston. Congratulations Tasha!! I will be emailing you shortly, and you will need to reply to that email within 48 hours to claim your prize!

And Amanda Alvarado won the awesome small blue tangiball from Brandy Wojcik- Discovery Toys Educational Consultant. Congratulations! I will also be emailing you shortly and you will have 48 hours to claim your prize!!

Be Blessed…


The Excellent Wife Challenge… Day 1


First off I want to say… I am NOT an excellent wife. This is an area I am majorly struggling with, but that God is changing in me. I am on a journey, and am inviting you to go along with me as we discover just who that woman is in Proverbs 31, and how we could possibly even dream to be like her.  I want this to be open to discussion but please be kind in your words, just because you don’t agree with something said, doesn’t mean you have to be mean.

An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious then jewels… This verse is found in that daunting chapter of Proverbs 31. I used to think that this person was not real… she was unattainable, unreachable, a joke. This chapter speaks about how this woman rises early, takes care of her her own needs, takes care of others in her family and those surrounding her, works hard all day, and stays up late at night. She dresses well, is a blessing to all those around her, and is completely trusted by her husband.

That doesn’t sound like ANYONE I know… definitely not me! Until I really thought about it. It is not about all that she does.. it’s the WAY she does it. She doesn’t grumble or complain, she doesn’t let herself go in order to attempt to keep up with it all, and she must not nag and argue or her family wouldn’t be blessing her early in the morning! She works willingly and she settles for nothing but the best for her family. She searches even far away lands for the things they need. She feeds her family wholesome, healthy meals. She dresses well and sees that her household does the same. When Christians dress poorly, we are a poor witness for Christ. God cares about details… just look around you if you don’t believe this. Even something as tiny as a caterpillar who has over 200 muscles in his head shows you that God is all about the details.

But how do we do all this, when we are already trying to scratch by, saving coupons and pinching pennies?? Well, since God cares about the details, allow Him to take care of the details. With our family of 8, we rarely spend more then $1,000 a year on clothing. Once a year (with our tax returns) we will go out and buy each child $100 worth of new clothes and new shoes. Then Hubby and I get new clothes with the rest of our budget. The rest of the year if someone needs something, we find it at a thrift store. We do not buy shoes used. Our feet are important and we take care of them… they will take us wherever we go in life. They deserve good care. But we also do not spend a fortune on shoes.. I usually hit the BOGO sale at Payless. Their kids shoes are almost unbeatable, cheap, and I have been told by more then one foot doctor that they have the best pediatric shoes available. I can not tell the you number of times we have been in need, prayed about it and then found a bag of needed clothing on our doorstep or even in our car after church. Once our youngest son absolutely HAD to have a button up Hawaiian shirt..  I mean it was life and death.. had to have. We couldn’t afford the $30 ones at the local clothing store… I hated telling him no, but what could I do. Then I had a bag of outgrown clothes we took to donate.. guess what was hanging in the thrift store window, that was GIVEN to us free in exchange for our donation!! Not only a bright yellow (Juice Boxes favorite color!) Hawaiian shirt, but one that looked just like one of Grandpa’s just in a different color. His year was made that day! And I had nothing to do with it… I wanted to just throw the clothes away… it was a friend that mentioned to me that the thrift store was sorely in need of boy clothes! God took care of the detail.. Juice Box still wears that all important shirt whenever it’s clean.

Recently I went to (alone!) our local thrift store where they have $5 a bag sales all the time and filled a bag with nicer jeans and tops that FIT me for $5. I got three pairs of jeans, four tops, a cute sweater and three adorable skirts..that all mixed and matched, I was being moderate.. several outfits that I could put together to make different outfits while using the same clothes. No need to fill up a closet! I rolled them up to fit the most I could in the bag. The lady behind the counter had no problem with it, even stuffing in another top she had in the back that she thought went with one of the skirts, while mentioning that it was great that other lady had just donated all those clothes that fit me perfectly and were brand name! I now had the nicer clothes for my challenge. God took care of that detail…

There was the time I was given 15 boxes full of baby girl clothes and brand new shoes.. sizes newborn through 4T… the day after I found out we were having a girl, and I hadn’t told ANYONE yet! I have not had to buy a single piece of clothing for Putter’s. I have bought some, just because I could, but I haven’t HAD to. I remember at one time wondering HOW in the world we were going to take care of this added blessing.. what could God be thinking giving us more?? We barely manage with the ones we have!! WE have no clothes, no blankets, no nothing!! Juice Box was several years old, and I had given away ALL my baby items.  A few days later a friend showed up with her van packed with those boxes… God took care of that detail.

I felt like I was being led to cloth diaper, breastfeed, wear my baby, and all these other things, I had no idea about and had not done with my first five babies. I had no idea where to start, how to afford it, who to talk to.. and suddenly I run across my ex-sister in laws’ facebook page, where I see that she is starting the same journey, and is far enough ahead of me for me to follow… and so begin this blog, and my journey in cloth and natural parenting all practically for free! God took care of that detail.

So you might ask.. how am I going to do this challenge.. the only thing IN my closet is sweat pants and tee shirts, holey jeans and moth eaten sweaters, except that bridesmaid dress I wore back in the 90’s and it’s Pepto Bismol pink!!  Well maybe your being called to bless your husband another way this week… maybe he enjoys home cooked meals but you don’t like to cook. Maybe the greatest thing he can come home to are clean kitchen counters, but you always focus on getting the floors clean,  maybe he wants chocolate cake for dessert but you feel like making cookies.. ask him how you can bless him today… and make his day then let God take care of the rest…

So today’s challenge.. think of times when God has taken care of details.. and take time to thank Him for that.. then ask Him today to take care of any details you need taken care of for this week. Then trust Him to do it!  Work to bless your husband in a way that makes him feel like you put forth an effort JUST FOR HIM… Have fun!

Be Blessed…

Don’t forget there will be discussions on the facebook page, to ask questions, let others know how your week is going, get encouragement and prayer, or anything else having to do with this challenge!

Building Our House… and A Challenge…


There seems to be a HUGE umm… “discussion” …in the blogsphere about how a wife should take care to dress for her husband, to not “let herself go” after marriage and children. It is amazing to me how many women are against this!! The arguments they come up with to prove that they should not be bothered with this point are … I don’t even know what they are!

You can read the posts I have been reading here, here and here.

It seems to me that these women who are arguing that looking nice for our husbands is not biblical, or he doesn’t really care, are simply being lazy… yes I said lazy! I can say this because not so long ago I was lazy! I have heard and read arguments about how “I have kids, and they take all my time and my husband doesn’t expect that from me , he loves me just the way I am.. that isn’t biblical! Where in the bible does it say we are to look beautiful?? I would rather spend the time it would take to dress nicely praying”…And the arguments go on!

Well.. God Loves you just the way you are too, but does that mean that He does not expect you to better your self, to prepare your self for him? Look at Esther who spent DAYS preparing herself to go before her husband and PRAYED while she was doing that! Is that not Biblical… there is an entire book in the bible devoted to her and her preparations!

I have 6 kids, that I home school, one a very needy toddler who simply will not allow anyone else to hold her or comfort her, I feel like I hold her or carry her 12 hours a day and spend most nights with her in our bed, in my arms! I used to be of the I just don’t have time, and my husband doesn’t really care mentality. Or why should I be the one to take the time when he doesn’t. Do we stop praying because our husband does, or stop reading our bible because he does. So why would we let ourselves go just because he does? Would we jump off a cliff because our husband does?? (had to throw that one in there.. :o)

After reading another blog post on this discussion, I decided to try it for a week. For ONE week, I would get up and dress nicely FOR my husband…I didn’t even bother with make up, I just chose a nicer comfy pair of jeans and a cute blouse over my usual sweats and tank top, The first day, not only he but the kids, all kept asking me if I was going somewhere.. then it hit me! I could take the time to dress nicely for the WORLD (dr. appts. grocery shopping etc) but my husband was getting the leftovers… by day three, my husband was telling me that he would love me dressed in sack cloth, but that he was REALLY appreciating the effort I was making to please him. By the end of the week, I was realizing that I was in a better mood, which led to me treating my children and husband better…

As for not having time.. how much longer does it take to put on jeans rather then sweats or pulling out a nicer shirt rather then the stained up tank top? How long does it take to brush your hair?! No one is saying that we should prepare ourselves for a beauty pageant.. just that we should put some effort into our appearance! I really see nothing wrong with that?!

When he comes home I greet him with a kiss, dressed, and with my hair brushed. I think that he would rather be greeted that way then with a perfectly clean house and a wife that looks like she just made it through a war zone! Does this mean that my Hubs it totally focused on my appearance?? No.. but it does mean that it makes him feel loved and secure that I take the time to do this for him. And ladies.. since I started making an effort.. so has he!!

Our hubby’s are at work all day with well dressed, (maybe even provocatively dressed!) made up women, and then they come home to a wife in dumpy sweats and a stained up tee. If your hubs knows he going to come home to wife that has made an effort to please him then he has nothing to look at at work.. Even if he truly desires to remain faithful he IS only human, and at some point a comparison is going to be made! I think this is a major place where we women can either build our house or tear it down!

It also hit me that I DO NOT want my daughters to grow up thinking that being a stay at home mom is a depressing, slumpy role in life… They see me, the way I dress, the way I act every day, all day. And they learn what they see. I want them to see that I am happy and blessed in my role and that my outward appearance shows it.

Does this mean that we are to strive for a Hollywood Barbie doll appearance?? Not at all! Why? Because that is the worlds definition of beautiful! Not Gods. Do not confuse beauty with sexiness! We are to take time to make sure that our clothing is “becoming’, “decent’, and moderate. You can read more about that here. But we are not to take into account what the world sees as beautiful that is only vanity in disguise. We are to strive to please our HUSBANDS not the world.. and in doing so we will please our Heavenly groom.

So … is it a wife’s fault when her husband cheats, or wanders?? No. If our husbands chose to cheat, THEY chose it not us. I have seen the husbands of super models cheat, so physical beauty isn’t everything and it is not a guarantee that your husband won’t cheat! But we need to build our house.. I think that applies here too. Build up your husband by putting an effort into how you look for HIM, not to look great for the world. When our husbands see that we put forth that effort to please THEM, why would they want to wander? And if they do anyway, at least we have the small comfort of knowing that we did all we could… I would hate to find out that Hubs cheated on me (and it does happen to some of us who think HE would NEVER!!) then think back to all the days I spent looking like a homeless person, and wonder…

So ladies.. a challenge… try it for ONE week… and watch what happens!

Be Blessed..