Sarah’s Poodle Skirt WINNER!!


Sorry All, I was grocery shopping at 4PM yesterday… remind me to NEVER grocery shop on a holiday weekend again! It was insane! BUT.. I finally got the comments numbered and have picked a Poodle Skirt WINNER!! And DIED laughing!! Several people have commented to me how funny it would be for this person to win, since she won an accessory set earlier this year… in fact the WINNER even mentions it in her comment! :o) God is good…

Out of 53 comments, number 33 won.

Just for proof! LOL


I can’t decide btwn the Baby Pink or the Ruby Red. Dd has the accessory package to match the Baby Pink but I love the Ruby Red! #2
Congratulations Amanda! I am still chuckling..

Look for my email, and respond!!





Busy Little Bee


Life has been crazy lately… we had company, I have been looking for a job, the kids are getting ready to start school back up full swing. We have done school on and off all summer to catch up, but this coming Tuesday they start back 4 full days a week.

We will be utilizing a number of free sites this year, until I can figure something better out.. the first is Head Of The Class. This is a fun site, that is mostly online with some printouts. They only go up to 5th grade now though and I have  6th grader. I will also be using Brightly Beaming Resources.  With this program even Putters will have something to do! I never thought I would give a 2 yr old school work, but she is DYING to sit at the table and do something with every one else! I am looking forward to scouring the library for the needed books for this program. It looks like it will be a lot of fun.

I have been trying to figure out how to do this work, home school, blog, keep the kids alive and the house clean thing.. and not in that order.. any hints?!

I am not looking forward to working. It would be nice if hubs would keep a job long enough to support us. But he has gone through two jobs already since we moved here… here being where we were supposed to start all over… find a good church to be involved in (we haven’t been to church once!), work on our marriage, and at the moment our rent, cable, electric, water, sewer, phones, insurance and more are all due. Plus ALL the kids need clothes and shoes and school supplies. Since this last week has been spent with him here at home drinking, I am assuming he won’t be working at this job much longer. He always says he doesn’t make enough to pay the bills anyway…  well lets see.. we are always about $3-400 short.. that is about what he spends every month on tobacco and beer.. UGH!

So I am hoping to get something not quite full time, but enough. It’s not easy though when you have no experience!

I got a call back today for a retail position, but the online application wouldn’t work. Very frustrating.. it would of  been on weekends making $10/hr. 6-12 hours a weekend. Perfect! But it just keeps sending me around in circles!

I have also applied at Wal-Mart, a coffee shop, and am still looking.

I need more coffee..


Preserving A Sense Of Wonder…


No this is not another of my super fantastic blog posts.. hee hee… but rather a sharing! A dear friend is beginning her journey on the road of blogdom and I want to send you all over to wish her well on her journey! Cassie’s blog is titled, “Preserving A Sense Of Wonder.” You will find on it great tips for things to do with your kids that are free or almost free. Fun reviews and giveaways! In fact she already has her first lined up! Amazing huh?!

Today is Preserving A Sense Of Wonders FIRST day, so head on over and see what’s happening!

I can’t wait to see what she does with this blog. I love that she is dedicated to preserving the wonder that our children naturally have in the world around them and I really can’t wait to read about these great things to do with kids that are free or almost free! With 6 kids of my own, these ideas sound divine!

Watch this new blog.. I think it will go places!! You can find Preserving A Sense Of Wonder here… or on Facebook here.You may all know Cassie already from Simply Inspired Crafts, where she makes amazing things for very little money!

Cassie has this to say about her new venture:

The main focus of the blog will be to provide a list of free/almost free activities to do in your local area. As with anything involving children, the blog will also have tips on simplifying tasks and will also review products that are helpful to get you out and about or that engage your children.
Blog readers may request that their local area be added to the event/activity list, so they will be updated on what is available in their area. See blog for more details.
I am also interested in reviews/giveaways of products that we help others get out and about with their children or will engage their children when it isn’t possible to leave the home.
So keep your eye on this new blog, and see what happens..
Be Blessed…

Boogie Wipes WINNER!!



Congratulations to number 15 out of 16! You won 2 30 count packs of Boogie Wipes!

Ali on August 30, 2011 at 7:27 am said:

I am a fan of boogie wipes on FB #1

I will be emailing you shortly Ali, and you will have 48 hours to respond to claim your prize or a new winner will be chosen!

Thank you everyone for participating and thank you Boogie Wipes for the review and giveaway!

I hope you were all blessed..

Have a great night!


Wordless Wednesday



Pictures taken by RJ Verge near Beamsville Ont. Canada
Black deer are more rare than albinos..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have never seen or heard of one of these before. What beautiful pictures.

If you love animals….this is a rare and beautiful set of pictures.

Be Blessed…


Dot Girl’s First Period Kit WINNER!!!


YEA!! Our first Back To School Week Of Reviews and Giveaway WINNER!!!

Congrats number 6 out of 27!! Ms. Kimmie Barnes!! You won a Dot Girl’s First Period Kit!

I would like to have the book…Before she gets her periodKimmie Barnes
jakeremom–twitter and GFC

Kimmie, I will be emailing you soon! Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize, so I don’t have to pick a new winner! :o)

Thanks everyone for participating!! And thank you Dot Girl Products for the review and giveaway!

Have a blessed day everyone! I have company coming tonight, so I haven’t been on much between the job search and the house cleaning. I will do my best to be on more tomorrow though!


Working Home School Mama Of 7? Just Maybe…


I am just loving this ecomony.. I have a Hubs that works more then full time for pretty good pay, and we are still struggling to pay our pretty minimal bills! We have cut out EVERY extra imaginable and still have to decide to pay the bills or clothe the kids… And they ALL just outgrew everything they own! Hand me downs are great… if you have all girls! But my boys are rough on their clothes! And what two just outgrew NO one fits into! Except Little Mama! LOL.. she is wearing the boys clothes as play clothes!

Now it’s that time of year again… Back To School.. except we can’t even afford pencils! Especially when the kids loose a box a week!

Let alone printer ink, math books, crayons, paper, binders, and more…

So this Mama is looking for a part time job. There are a couple coffee shops hiring nearby, and I have experience as a coffee barista, but not paid. It was all voluntary for our church in Florence, except for the short time I worked in a coffee shop when Clown was a baby, 10 years ago!!

So tomorrow, I am headed out with my very measly resume, and hoping for the best. 20 hours a week, in a job I know I will like.. that is what I am shooting for….

That won’t be too bad..except.. the pile of laundry, dishes, school work, dirty diapers, and meals to be made when I return…

Pray for my sanity!