I am ALWAYS looking for family friendly sponsors for reviews and giveaways. Here are a couple of planned reviews/giveaways that are coming up that I am looking for sponsors for. But if you want to sponsor and these just aren’t your cup of tea, or your product just doesn’t fit in with them, please contact me! I would love to work with you!

I am hosting a “Search for the GREAT cloth diaper detergent” series in September! If you make or sell some awesome detergent get in on this! Already sponsoring are Nellies All Natural, Thirsties, and The Peaceful Housewife! I would LOVE a few more!

We are heading into potty training season!! If you make or sell some awesome potty training items, let me know! I would love to host a review/giveaway for you and spotlight your items!

I am soon to be a first time Grandmother!! And I am so excited!! So excited I am devoting an entire month on my blog to New Moms! I want to fill the month of October with the things a new mom needs to be a first time cloth diapering, breast feeding, baby carrying, co sleeping Mama. If you make or sell something that a New Mom MUST have to co-sleep, cloth diaper, breastfeed, or baby wear, then this Bash is for you! Please send me an email for more information!

And finally I am at 709 fans on my Facebook page! I would love to sponsor a 1,000 fan Penny Sale there. I would love to include anything from gift certificates, toys, diapers, clothing, anything and everything! Again, if you are interested, please let me know!

I love all my sponsors, and really enjoy sharing with my readers what I have discovered. I find it amazing that so many wonderful sponsors are willing to send me products to try and review! I love my job! And to me it is a job! I take my blog and the reviews I write very seriously and have a lot of fun with them at the same time! I love sharing my new favorites with all my readers and friends, and trying new things that without sponsors I would probably never get to try! So thank you… for working with me. For making my blog the success that it is… I could not do this without you, my sponsors.  Or my readers.. thank you all too!

You can contact me at misadventuresofafamilyof8@gmail.com

Be Blessed…



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