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Boogie Wipes WINNER!!



Congratulations to number 15 out of 16! You won 2 30 count packs of Boogie Wipes!

Ali on August 30, 2011 at 7:27 am said:

I am a fan of boogie wipes on FB #1

I will be emailing you shortly Ali, and you will have 48 hours to respond to claim your prize or a new winner will be chosen!

Thank you everyone for participating and thank you Boogie Wipes for the review and giveaway!

I hope you were all blessed..

Have a great night!



Wordless Wednesday



Pictures taken by RJ Verge near Beamsville Ont. Canada
Black deer are more rare than albinos..

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I have never seen or heard of one of these before. What beautiful pictures.

If you love animals….this is a rare and beautiful set of pictures.

Be Blessed…


Dot Girl’s First Period Kit WINNER!!!


YEA!! Our first Back To School Week Of Reviews and Giveaway WINNER!!!

Congrats number 6 out of 27!! Ms. Kimmie Barnes!! You won a Dot Girl’s First Period Kit!

I would like to have the book…Before she gets her periodKimmie Barnes
jakeremom–twitter and GFC

Kimmie, I will be emailing you soon! Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize, so I don’t have to pick a new winner! :o)

Thanks everyone for participating!! And thank you Dot Girl Products for the review and giveaway!

Have a blessed day everyone! I have company coming tonight, so I haven’t been on much between the job search and the house cleaning. I will do my best to be on more tomorrow though!


Working Home School Mama Of 7? Just Maybe…


I am just loving this ecomony.. I have a Hubs that works more then full time for pretty good pay, and we are still struggling to pay our pretty minimal bills! We have cut out EVERY extra imaginable and still have to decide to pay the bills or clothe the kids… And they ALL just outgrew everything they own! Hand me downs are great… if you have all girls! But my boys are rough on their clothes! And what two just outgrew NO one fits into! Except Little Mama! LOL.. she is wearing the boys clothes as play clothes!

Now it’s that time of year again… Back To School.. except we can’t even afford pencils! Especially when the kids loose a box a week!

Let alone printer ink, math books, crayons, paper, binders, and more…

So this Mama is looking for a part time job. There are a couple coffee shops hiring nearby, and I have experience as a coffee barista, but not paid. It was all voluntary for our church in Florence, except for the short time I worked in a coffee shop when Clown was a baby, 10 years ago!!

So tomorrow, I am headed out with my very measly resume, and hoping for the best. 20 hours a week, in a job I know I will like.. that is what I am shooting for….

That won’t be too bad..except.. the pile of laundry, dishes, school work, dirty diapers, and meals to be made when I return…

Pray for my sanity!


Nae’s Creations Winner!!


I finally picked a winner for Nae’s Creations! For some reason WordPress no longer has comment numbering and there were 92 entries to this giveaway! WOW! So that took me a while! After I was done, I said DUH!! Cause then it occurred to me to just count backwards 17! LOL.. so I did it that way too, and came up with the same entry, so I know I did it right the first time!


Anyway, Congratulations Amanda Alvarado!! You seem to be awfully blessed on this blog! :O) You said

Amanda Alvarado on August 23, 2011 at 7:18 pm said: 

Posted on FB and tagged you and Nae’s Creations – amanda alvarado
I will be emailing you shortly! You will then have 48 hours to respond to claim your prize!!

Thanks everyone for participating! If you didn’t win, there are several other giveaways open! OR go to Nae’s Creations and buy yourself an awesome diaper!Thanks Nae’s Creations for the AWESOME review product and giveaway!!

Be Blessed…




Way To Go Wal-Mart!! You’ve Got My Business!


Wal-Mart gets kind of a bad rap these days. Well, I guess it always has.. Being called the bully super store that knocks mom and pop stores out of business, and more. I have to admit… I like Wal-Mart. If Wal-Mart wasn’t around I probably still couldn’t afford to shop at the mom and pop shops. I love that I can clothe my family, feed my pets, take care of my home and more, without having to spend our rent money! Or an entire day shopping around for all that! Without Wal-Mart I would have a lot of trouble managing my home and all that goes with it! I also love that I can always find a huge selection of good movies, games, toys, faith based books, and more modest clothing then some other larger stores tend to carry. While I don’t agree with all that Wal-Mart stands for, or behind, they do a lot of good too and people tend to miss that.

Even for a big superstore though, it takes a lot of guts in this day and age to do something that brings God back into schools… and Wal-Mart is doing it. Check out this message I received from Focus On The Family today.

Dear Friend,

My colleague Stuart Shepard was in Walmart® last weekend shopping for back-to-school supplies for his son when he encountered some rather provocative Christian notebooks and folders. One of them read: “God Recycles. He made you out of dust.” Another read: “John 3:16. This message is illegal in 53 countries.”

Usually when we report on Christian expression in the public schools, it has to do with some official trying to kick religion out of school. But when the country’s largest retailer stocks school supplies with openly religious messages like this, we regard it as a pleasant change.

Such messages are perfectly legal and they conform with court rulings that give wide latitude to students who want to express religious views in public schools. Many times teachers have the mistaken impression that anything religious is not allowed in school, and they make on-the-spot decisions that religious items need to go. They are wrong. Some school boards have even adopted official policies that inhibit student-initiated religious expression. But these policies also are inconsistent with what the relevant laws actually say.

For faith and family,
Signed: Tom Minnery
Tom Minnery
Senior Vice President, Government & Public Policy

P.S. One more thing. It was refreshing to see Walmart’s willingness to carry the school folders with those messages on them. If you see those items for sale in your local Walmart®, please take a moment to let the store manager know how encouraging it is to see matters of faith displayed so positively.

I know when I do my school shopping I will be on the lookout for these and more like them! Kudo’s to you Wal-Mart!! We know you don’t hear that much!

For those of you who are not aware of Focus On The Family, you should really check them out. They have a lot of good causes, from helps for marriage and parenting to faith, and even a site called Plugged In where concerned parents can look up movies, tv, music and more to see exactly WHAT is in them and find out if you want your children to watch, play or listen to them without having to preview them yourself! I use it a lot!

Be Blessed…


Catch The Social Wave – Twitter & Facebook Follow Hop-Week Five

Welcome to week five of the all new Catch The Social Wave Twitter & Facebook Follow Hop.


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